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Date: 16/02/21     Posted By: Haya

Some good habits the pandemic has taught us | Helping Hands | NGO

The expertise of 2020 was arduous however it conjointly control several lessons. The profound words of German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche ring true: “What doesn’t kill you simply causes you to stronger.” The COVID-19 pandemic was in all probability one amongst the foremost difficult events in our time period and it's unthinkably modified the approach we have a tendency to live. however not all the changes and changes led to by the happening were essentially dangerous. we have a tendency to might eventually do away with the face coverings, social distancing and bound alternative norms, however the nice habits noninheritable  throughout the time area unit value retentive.


Maintaining Health and Hygiene

Our health and therefore the likelihood of our survival was and still is in our hands, quite virtually. From laundry our hands often, showering often, staying inside for safety, keeping ourselves and surroundings clean to sanitizing surfaces, we actually understood however crucial hygiene was and visited nice lengths to remain clean. smart habits like these helped in protective not solely ourselves however being conscious concerning protective others too.


Caring for others

The pandemic was arduous on everybody, particularly the aged. many that were sick or lived alone struggled as social distancing isolated them additional after they required help the foremost. Thoughtful gestures like checking in on neighbours and elders and serving to with straightforward home chores and grocery runs were valuable. It created U.S. a lot of sympathetic to others and worth the community plenty a lot of – {a smart|an honest|a decent} habit that may stand U.S. in good position. It conjointly created U.S. socially cohesive.


Prioritizing self-care

We were fast to grasp that by taking precautions, staying safe and healthy we have a tendency to conjointly unbroken our families and communities safe. Self-care became a priority and equipped U.S. higher to urge through this tough time. straightforward things like consumption healthy and nourishing food for higher immunity, some physical activity, obtaining spare sleep, reaching resolute shut friends/family for emotional and sensible support, etc saw U.S. through.


Working from home expeditiously

What was a rare privilege for workplace goers earlier became the sole choice throughout the pandemic. although it absolutely was more durable within the starting, we have a tendency to counted our blessings for not having to risk our lives on the frontline like numerous others World Health Organization had very little selection. having the ability to figure from home was an enormous and for many people and that we learned to try to to it expeditiously, and strike a work-home balance. we have a tendency to custom-made well to a brand new routine and created the foremost of it.


Enjoying a hobby

Some picked up new hobbies whereas others fostered what they liked  doing earlier. With numerous people defrayal 24/7 reception, several followed pursuits like baking, gardening, on-line courses, yoga, and so on. the times spent in internment gave U.S. the right time with no excuse to poke into what we have a tendency to had procrastinated over for ages. It created U.S. discover ourselves, develop or hone skills and obtain Brobdingnagian satisfaction from a selected hobby. following hobbies area unit smart habits to nurture


Appreciating solitude

The prolonged pause in our traditional lives gave U.S. an opportunity to impede, the time to be still and obtain wont to solitude. For some, it junction rectifier to non-public transformation through self-reflection and a spotlight on health, each emotional and physical. because the lockdowns relieved anon we have a tendency to understood the worth of living a quieter and a lot of peaceful life.


The pandemic has had a negative impact on our collective well-being, however at an equivalent time, it conjointly has been a catalyst for community and even collective consciousness. although we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore forced to return along like ne'er familiar before we developed survival skills, new views and reset our priorities. These new smart habits we have a tendency to noninheritable  should be sustained for a protracted time or a time period if attainable.