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Lack of education is a fundamental problem in India, and the state of the Indian government schools is a clear illustration of this. Education is a constitutional right in India, but its provision falls well below an adequate standard. This post will look at the poor state of public schools in India. The Government of India is well aware of the problems in the Indian education system but has been slow in responding to them. School infrastructure is in a poor state and many school teachers are not properly qualified, with 31% of them not having a degree. 40% of schools are without electricity. There are schools where at the time of exams the invigilators ignore the students, giving them full freedom to cheat, and at times the teachers themselves abet the act of cheating.

These failures of the Indian education system push people into working poorly remunerated and insecure jobs, where they are exploited and trapped in a state of deprivation. A vicious cycle is created across generations. Education is important because it allows people to live fulfilled and dignified lives. States have an obligation to provide education to their citizens, and unfortunately, in India, that obligation is not being fulfilled. A lot has to be done for increasing the number of teachers like their pay should be improved, the predigesting of the job has to be highlighted so that more people are attracted towards it. Also, it’s not just about the numbers, there is a need for better teachers, who know how to deal with different types of kids in addition to having a piece of proper knowledge about their subject.

Currently, a number of NGOs across India are trying to build an alternate education system. Supporting them is one important step to be taken. In addition to this, it is important that the people of India should show as much concern for this as they show for religious issues, considering that our government acts only when it fears that its voter base is going to be diminished.